Friday, February 17, 2006

Horrific Thought

Yesterday I posted this, which pretty much discussed how Stooge Chavez is continuously increasing his reserve (civilian army), to the point where it is nearly doubling and they are actively recruiting. I also mention that recently he has been buying weaponry up his ass, and wondered of his intentions mainly about invading or taking military action against neighboring countries.

As my spouse and I were having dinner last night, and discussing this very same topic I had a sudden horrific thought about Stooge Chavez's intentions with all this weaponry and all these militants - Cuba.

What if, bear with me on this one, the Bearded Stooge had asked Chavez for military intervention upon his demise? What if that son of a bitch, had asked Stooge Chavez to military support the Gay brother in his taking command? What if when the Bearded Stooge estira las patas Stooge Chavez deploys all his military arsenal to Cuba to keep the revolucion alive and well and the Cubans repressed under the Gay Stooge command?

What if? Chilling isn't it?