Thursday, February 16, 2006

Watch Him Lie

47 Years ago today the Bearded Stooge was sworn is as Prime Minister of Cuba. He then promised "a representative democratic government, elections, and no communism". You can watch the interview, in English, here where the Bearded Stooge lies. The BBC has a short article on the topic on their On This Day series, which also includes a timeline of events, from how Castro nationalises US business before the break in diplomatic relations to specifically how in May 1961 Fidel bans elections in Cuba along with the following:

Dr Castro also announced that foreign Roman Catholic priests would be expelled and all Roman Catholic and private schools would be nationalised.

The days that followed saw thousands of anti-Castro rebels confined in makeshift prisons and at least 600 executed. The Cuban secret service, G2, is still interrogating possible "counter-revolutionaries".
47 Years ago this nightmare started, but we are still here fighting him and his lies.