Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Week in Protests - including my own

I still can't believe that people are still protesting the Mohammed cartoons. Today in Pakistan there were protests against India and Japan, as well as against American establishments and of course the Danes. This demonstrates beyond any type of doubt, that as one of my classmates (Muslim by the way) stated today, these people are nothing but thugs, criminals, that want an excuse to be violent and riot.
Couldn't have said it better myself.

And then there is the Mexico/Cuban protest about the expelled Cuban delegation from the Sheraton. Get over it. Helms Burton Law, your Mexican antidote does not apply to the US, and Cuba next time find a non-US hotel. You'd think both parts of the delegation, US and Cubans, would've been a bit more intelligent to figure out that a US owned hotel chain might not be the best place to carry out an illegal affair. Ah, how money can blind us.

Stooge Chavez, well, he just finds a reason to protest. This past week it just happened to be against Tony Blair, and now the Cuban government is attacking Jose Maria Aznar, former Spanish president, because he stated he wants to save Latin America. I wish you luck Aznar, you will need it.

Last but not least, is the Latin American protest to the wall. God, it almost sounds like a Pink Floyd concert. Yes my friends, 11 Latin American countries plan to protest the wall by teaching the US Government about the economic and cultural contributions of immigrants. No one is denying that, however, there are laws that must be followed, and must be respected. But they don't care about our laws, our nation, or our people. They, these countries, only care about their people, and of course not having to face the poverty and need these people have. Sometimes I think they encourage the immigration, it takes the problem (and statistics) away from their hands, and it boosts their economies though the remesas or money transfers. Come legally or face the consequences.

Of course all these stupid, and childish protest harbor all the news coverage while Guillermo Fariñas almost died on a hunger strike for access to the internet, Cubans keep arriving all over the place (Bahamas, Cayman, Puerto Rico, Mexico) and some are forced by the Bearded Stooge himself to stay there, and Biscet and others are still jailed. But no one covers this....ONLY US and few independent newspapers.

What the fuck is wrong with this world? Apathy and selfishness my friends. It's the "I only care about me syndrome, and fuck everyone else".