Friday, February 10, 2006

Haven't we heard that before?

Stooge Chavez, just gains his nickname more and more every day.

He has now announced that in 6 years he will more than double the amount of oil barrels produced in Venezuela. With millions of dollars in investments, by 2012 venezuela will be producing 5.8 millions of barrels per day, versus the 2.6 million they produce doesn't that sound familiar?

Oh yes, The Year of the Zafra Millonaria over in Cuba, when Fidel went to all extends to raise the zafra to pre-revolution levels. Didn't that fail???

In other news, not content with personally attacking Tony Blair without reason, Stooge Chavez has now converted to Argentinism, declaring "Las Malvinas son Argentinas" and demanding to PM Blair to return these islands to Argentina - of course at the same time accusing England of massacring the Argentinians with the support of the USA. History lesson, since I was alive then, wasn't it an Argentine General who came up with the bright idea of attempting to take the Malvinas from England? You know, of having the Argentine militia go against the Royal Navy? England was only defending what, by whatever reason, at that moment was theirs. I'd like to see how Chavez reacts if Colombia suddenly decides to invade Isla Margarita.