Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Muslims want LAW changed

UPDATE: From the Arab Times:
“I was about to go to the university myself to punish her... It is halal (permitted in Islam) to kill her,” she told AFP, requesting anonymity.
Not saying much about the "peaceful" religion if it explicitly permits killing other people.

Read the whole story here. This is preposterous. What the hell is this? Where do they think they are Syria? Iran?

Mr Saddiqi said they had concluded they wanted the Race Relations Act modified to give Muslims the same protection as Sikhs or Jews.

I want the Law changed too, it should include Christians as well. Why should my Lord, be subjected to affairs and piss, and the Blessed Mother to dung? Will they enact and enforce the same law regarding the mocking of Christians and Jews by Muslims?

He also said the Press Complaints Commission code of conduct should be tightened to prevent publishing of any images of Muhammad, but added the clerics accepted criticism and discussion of Islam should be allowed.
What the hell is this? Where do they think they are Syria? Iran? They are asking for CENSORSHIP. Can you see where this is leading?

So it is official folks, the extremists want to censor the press so no one can offend their religion..but they can offend all they want.