Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Cuba and Iran parallel

In this post at Babalú, someone asked me to be "more realistic". The post speaks for itself, but in case anyone out there needs a bit more of a push, here are some comments "Felipe Palistroque" made recently while visiting the Islamic Republic of Iran (Whole Story). My emphasis.

He reiterated his country's stance in support of the inalienable right of the Iranian nation to acquire peaceful nuclear technology and added that Cuba is seriously opposed to reporting Iran's nuclear dossier to the UN Security Council.

The Cuban foreign minister said that Iran and Cuba have similar positions on many international issues. Such as? The Holocaust? Anti-US stance? The obliteration of Israel? Support for terrorist cells? World domination? This statement is vague enough to be chillingly scary

The Cuban foreign minister stressed that Iran has the right to access to nuclear energy meant for peaceful purposes and said that the Islamic Republic defends not only its own rights but also the rights of all independent countries. Could he be talking about Cuba and Venezuela's right to go for uranium enrichment?

Cuba praises Iran's staunchness and determination and will always be with Iran, he added. Oh really? Even if Iran decided to attack Israel, build nuclear warheads, no matter what?
And lastly, the one comic relief in this whole baffling Iran-Cuba alliance:

He went on to say that great pressure was imposed on Third World countries to support the resolution against the Islamic Republic of Iran at the recent IAEA Board of Governors meeting, but, despite all the pressure, Cuba has always defended Iran's right to gain access to nuclear technology meant for peaceful purposes. Is he admitting Cuba to Thirdhirld World country?

How's that for realistic?