Thursday, February 02, 2006

Could Oil break the Embargo?

UPDATE: More here, here and here. And of course The Miami Herald has it here.

If you have no idea that Cuba "has" oil, Babalu had a post on the search for oil in the Cuban coasts in 2004.

The fact that the US needs so much oil sickens me; we should by now have alternative fuel sources. Oil fuels not only unstable countries, but fuels terrorists in the middle east, and communism in Latin America. However, the worst part is there are US businessmen willing to prostitute themselves over oil. From The State, South Carolina, comes this interesting tidbit of information. Doesn't it feel like a kick in the stomach?

U.S. officials to meet with Cubans over oil
MEXICO CITY — In the two years since oil reservoirs were discovered off Cuba’s coast, Canadian, Chinese, Indian and Norwegian companies have lined up to explore the potentially lucrative Caribbean waters.
U.S. corporations, however, have watched the activity less than 60 miles south of Florida’s coastline with their hands tied. U.S. oil exploration in Cuban waters is prohibited under a 45-year-old U.S. embargo designed to undermine Fidel Castro’s communist government.

This week, however, American energy executives will meet their Cuban counterparts in the first private-sector oil summit between the two countries. The three-day meeting kicks off today.

— The Associated Press