Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Chavez is now a Pinko!

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez is 30,000th Signer of CODEPINK’s Women Say No to War Campaign Anti-War Women Make a Splash at World Social Forums

Dios los cría y el diablo los junta, dice el refrán. I will refrain from making to many comments on this, but Stooge Chavez has now join the ranks of CODEPINK, so he is officially a Pinko! (Can someone draw a picture of this, please?) As you can see the Pinko Commies were in full force together with anti-American Sheehan at the WSF this weekend, pushing their "stop the war" agenda. Let's see if the US didn't care what the world thought in the beginning, and we went to war ANYWAY (let's not forget that "the world" ie. France and company are now involved in the Oil for Food scandal), why on Earth would we care what a bunch of commies think now? I think we should all go to the next WSF and SPREAD THE TRUTH!

If you wish to read the pandering of Stooge Chaves to this communist bitches, or then again their pandering to Stooge Chavez, the story is here.