Monday, January 30, 2006

Speechless - Simply Speechless

Today El Nuevo Herald has a story on the usual suspects- Chavez and Sheehan - and how Chavez is calling for the whole world to "rebel" against the Empire amidst his "down with the Empire" chants. Is this not a war cry? Can this not be considered an act of aggression? Is he attempting to taunt us to try to get US to the point of his "dream invasion"? There will come a point, if it hasn't arrived yet, that the US will have to face Chavez and stop this nonsense. As we say in Cuban Spanish Estados Unidos se tiene que poner para su numero.

One thing in the story did catch my eye, the widow of Filiberto Ojeda Rios was by his side supporting this. Now the fact that the wife of a Puerto Rican Terrorist was next to someone like Chavez, doesn't surprise me. That El Nuevo Herald, makes no reference to his criminal past and addresses him as "Su marido era activista militante por la independencia de Puerto Rico.
El FBI rodeó en septiembre una granja donde se encontraba Ojeda Ríos. Era buscado por el robo de $7.2 millones a un camión del banco Wells Fargo en Connecticut en 1983. Los fondos se destinaron a la lucha por la independencia
". Excuse me? Did someone fail to read the rest of the story on this guy? How about the time his "army" blew up the planes from the National Guard?

If you can stand to read the whole article go here. I warn you, it almost made me throw up.