Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It's Official "El Muro de la Impotencia" will be built

UPDATED: See Below

As Julio well dubbed it, El Muro de la Impotencia is being built in Havana. But why would Havana need a wall? Well it seems the Bearded Stooge was more than incensed by the "ticker" the SINA (US Interest Section) installed in its building which constantly "tickers" pro-democracy and pro-human rights messages. So incensed that now he wants to build a wall so people cannot read it. Technically (according to the Cuban govenment) it's not a wall; es una ampliacion de la tribuna de la Plaza Anti-Imperialista. In English, its an addition to the stage of the Plaza Anti-Imperialista. I think what bothered him most was that during his compulsory protest, the US turned the ticker on. After all, if the idea is to disseminate information why not do it when a million people are watching. Why not indeed!

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