Monday, January 23, 2006

Bribes from the Bearded Stooge

First Stooge Chavez tries to bribe us with his free/discounted heating oil. Know, the Bearded Stooge attempts to bribe us with 150,000 free eye surgeries for the American people. Why the sudden interest in buying us, in gaining our simpathy? My Mom has to have cataract surgery, but I can assure you getting it in Cuba is not among her choices. Could it possibly be that he is losing ground? From Radio Cadena Agramonte, Camaguey, the article is here. I find this all too suspicious.....What is your take on this? We all know he doesn't give anything out for "free". And on the flip side, what happens to Cubans in Cuba and their eye surgeries? Or is it that they have perfect eye health? I can't imagine that spending the resources on foreigners doesn't curtail the resources at home.....