Friday, January 20, 2006

A Voice of Reason

I ran into two very interesting, and also very true articles this morning. One from the Financial Times which though short, speaks of the dangers, economic and possibly political, to other countries (mainly Latin America) of idealisation of the Cuban economy, or the Cuban state for that matter. The second one comes from the Kansas City Star, which surprisingly, gives a somewhat fair, unbiased and truthful look at the Venezuela-Cuba relationship. And sadly, has a very true conclusion as well - the demise of Chavez is either a loss in the elections or a drop in oil prices, none of which is expected to happen. This story caught my eye because it hints at resentment from Cubans to the narrow ties with Venezuela, and even has a Venezuelan quoted as saying that Cubans complain of visitors being treated better than Cubans on the island.

The Financial Times story is here. The Kansas City Star here.