Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Breaking News - Possible end to Hunger Strike

More on this story today January 18th from the Miami Herald here, and El Nuevo Herald here.
There is a story regarding a possible end of the strike, reported by local channel 10, read the full story here. The Miami Herald also has an update here, in which the possibility of Miami-Dade County taking action is discussed. The proposal entails the county passing a resolution that requests the Federal Government to review the policy. While Ramón Sanchez is still waiting for some official confirmation that a meeting is taking place before ending his hunger strike, Gov. Jeb Bush said that the White House has agreed to hold a meeting to discuss the policy. Let's not forget that Bishop Agustín Román, has also been a great help in this situation. Following the highlight of the story. This couldn't have come at a better time, since Mr. Sanchez was already starting to look very frail. The cojones and dedication of this man are truly admirable. To understand why Cubans are "refugees" and not "immigrants" read this article.

MIAMI -- Gov. Jeb Bush says he has word of a planned meeting that may put an end to a Cuban activist's 11-day hunger strike. Cuban exile Ramon Saul Sanchez is fasting in protest of the 15 Cuban migrants who were repatriated after landing on an abandoned bridge piling in the Florida Keys earlier this month. Sanchez has said that he is willing to die if the wet foot, dry foot policy is not officially reconsidered. Gov. Bush said Tuesday that he has been assured by the White House that a meeting has been set up to review the policy. Bush said that a delegation led by Bishop Augustine Roman will meet in Washington, D.C., to discuss the wet foot, dry foot policy with a Congressional delegation.