Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Glass Shattering

We woke up this morning to the estruendoso ruido of glass shattering. It was our bedroom window. For sure something hit it, we thought. But no. It seems that the tempered, insulated, double window was not that tempered after all, and just burst. Someone forgot to tell the window makers about New England winters. So now, we have to find someone to replace the window. But why do I tell you this? Because it was an explosion, and that is exactly what is happening in the blogosphere an anti-Fidel explosion.

This week fivenew blogs have joined the ranks: Ya No Mas!, El Confeti, Texidor, Uncommon Sense, and Nuestra Cuba Libre Blog. Now that is explosive for just one week! Five new places to dennounce Fidel, to tell the truth about Cuba, to shatter the glass between reality and the rhetoric.