Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Energy Revolution of South America

You know that the main Stooge - Fidel - has launched an Revolución Energética to save millions of dollars and steal, I mean replace, hundreds of old appliances that consume more electricity (for more on this story go here.) Well, South America is not staying behind....there's been talk of the gasoducto for a while, and currently they are holding a meeting in Brazil to discuss constructing such a duct. By they I mean mainly Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina. The idea is to build a duct that can transport gas from Venezuela, to Brazil and Argentina so they can "share" their resources and librarse de la dependencia imperialista of the US and Europe. Now when have you seen commies "sharing" anything? The following story has a great analysis on not only how economically detrimental this could be, but also, on how far, far away this is from happening. I can just picture Stooge Chavez sitting on his gasoducto as the thing explodes. Read the whole story here.