Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What Embargo?

El Nuevo Herald has a story here on how Cuba's purchases of US Goods are steadily growing, to the tune of 12% in 2005. Another story talks about recent corn purchases. Stefania over at Free Thoughts has the pictures, here you have the news. Cuba is buying corn from the U.S.A. Read the short story here. Ziva, I guess your suggestion of "corn for cubans" went unheeded....they preferred upfront cash, as is required of the agricultural sales to Cuba allowed after revisions to the embargo in 2000.

Another story from Vietnam News Agency:

Cuba to import 700,000 tonnes of cassava from US
01/18/2006 -- 22:35(GMT+7)
Havana (VNA) - Cuba will buy 700,000 tonnes of cassava worth 100 million USD from the US in 2006, making the island country fifth among Latin American cassava importers from US companies.
An agreement to this effect was signed in Havana on January 17 between the Cuba Food Import Company (Alimport) and several US food companies. Cuba has bought more than 2 million tonnes of cassava from US companies since December 2001, Alimport president Pedro Alvarez told reporters after the signing ceremony. Chairman of the US Food Council David Anderson, who is on a visit to Cuba, said that the signing would create a chance for US companies to sell food to Cuba in larger amounts in the future.--Enditem