Saturday, January 21, 2006


The sound of me falling on my ass (excuse my language please). We've all covered the Stooge Curly story of how he is giving heating oil to the poor in the US through the CITGO corporation. We've all wondered what his motives are, probably trying to buy himself some support, you know, so the poor in this country start paying attention to him, his revolution, his rhetoric and worse, start believing it. The other day I read a story where it stated that the "discounted oil" (I thought it was free) would also be distributed in Rhode Island. Rhode Island? How come I have not heard of this? My husband and I live about $7k above poverty level, and received a $450.00 subsidy this year to cover heating oil costs - which mind you only went as far as December and January, thank God for the mild winter we are having. Otherwise, it would've only covered one month. The life of the student is a poor one, but we make ends meet. So I was surprised they would be giving this discounted oil and we hadn't heard anything about this, since you know, we are poor!

Well, be careful what you wish for, today we got the letter that entitles us to 250 gallons at 40% discount! See the letter!

Let me give you an idea of how this works, currently we pay $2.39/gallon and get about 101 gallons/month ($242). So this would entitle us to get the same 100 for $145.00 a savings of $100!!!! The sad part is that morally, even though we pray God for every help we can get, I can't accept this.