Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Death of Fido

If you are Puerto Rican, or have ever been in Puerto Rico around the Mayaguez area, for sure you know who Fido is. Fido created La Sangria de Fido that unlike the sangria of our parents, this one packs a punch, a kick, and a massive headache if you are not careful. But when the hard tropical sun of Puerto Rico is shining down on you, a cold sangria de Fido is the things dreams are made off. In 2001 I took my now husband to meet Puerto Rico, and gave him a tour of the island - with the required stops: Joyuda for some mofongo relleno de mariscos, Mayaguez for some sangria de Fido and Brazo Gitano Franco and Cabo Rojo for a visit to El Faro. The sangria, we drank on the way. So this is my small tribute to a local entrepeneur who stayed faithful to his recipe and product quality until the end. Señor Fido, descanse en paz.

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