Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bearded Stooge confirms "Cuba will Play"

Putting an end to the speculations of whether Cuba would play or not, the Bearded Stooge announced that they would indeed play in the World Classic. From Commies News Network here and from Reuters here. The Bearded Stooge was apparently interviewed while visiting the "construction site" of the wall. Among some of the things he said, I thought this was particularly interesting:

"Cuba will play well, even though they have stolen many of our good players," Castro said, referring to million-dollar contracts that have lured Cuban baseball talent to the United States.

"They have taken away a lot of the best pitchers offering them millions of dollars,'' he added, referring to Cuban players who left for big-paying jobs in the Major Leagues.

Stolen? Did we go into Cuba and kidnap these players? Last time I checked they all DEFECTED willingly in search of freedom and of the opportunity to play in the MLB and earn money like the rest of the MLB players. But what surprises me even more, is that nobody contradicted him in this remark. What happened to the search for the truth and reporting the facts? Sometimes I wish I would've stuck to journalism, imagine the field day I would've had with such a lie. If they were a free country, where people could come and go, they would like Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and others, still have their best players for the national championship and for the Classic.

There's a catch, though. The Cuba Baseball team will play provided the US grants the visas, or as the Bearded Stooge himself put it Still, the Cuban president warned, "that is if (the Americans) don't start in on messing around with not giving the visas, or if they go crazy.''

So maybe he will blame the USA after all!