Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Balseros - Not here Not there

Opinions, everyone has one. Some people say let's take all the Cubans in, other people say we have to better filter who they are because not all of them are political refugees. While I can see the truth to this statement, and even the logic, the fact is once a Cuban decides to become a balsero they are a political refugee. You see leaving Cuba without permission is illegal, and therefore considered a counter revolutionary act and gives the MP grounds for persecution and harassment of the balseros.

From CubaNet here is a story of a frustrated group of balseros that now have to add the Cuban border patrol to their frustrations.

Cuba was not even remotely mentioned in the State of the Union address. Some of us are enraged, angry, hurt and/or frustrated; then again some of us were not expecting anything about Cuba to be part of the State of the Union Address. Opposing views on this topic, High Expectations and Cuba does exist.

Let's keep up the work, SPREAD THE TRUTH ABOUT CUBA.