Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Stooge Chavez - The Idiot

Yesterday El Universal published a small note in which they report Stooge Chavez demanding the Puerto Rican independence from the US with such chants as: "I am inviting Venezuelans. Let us stand up and say it together: We demand the independence of Puerto Rico and we do support the Puerto Rican people in their fight for independence!".

Let's see last time I checked the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico the status of the island changes only, and only if, the majority of Puerto Ricans (I think it has to be about close to 75%) vote for one specific status. Various plebiscitos have taken place with, Stooge I hope you are sitting down, the overwhelming majority of Puerto Ricans divided between statehood and commonwealth. Independence from the US was not a competing factor, with very low percentage of voting.

Additionally, stay out of other's people business!