Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Chavez "bankrolls" Sheehan's bid for Senator

I really hate to give this anti-patriotic, communist bitch any "webtime" but certain things I can't let go. This woman not only has wrecked havoc here in the USA thanks to her PR firm (I'm still in shock this woman uses a PR firm - that goes to show how much press she needs that she can't get on her own), but now she has gone to Venezuela, cozied up to Stooge Chavez and announced that she will run for senator for the Democratic Party. If the DP has any brains at all, they should steer clear away from this woman.

And now the question comes, since she is so close to Stooge Chavez, will he bank roll her campaign? Will she become his political ally in the US? Will she betray her country and serve this stooge who constantly attacks not only our president but our country and our people as a nation?

Place your bets, because the buzz is just beginning. My opinion, we will have a puppet in our government if this bitch wins. America, wake up and smell the coffee, this is the first step for a political invasion.