Monday, January 30, 2006

"Funny Fidel"

From comes this piece which couldn't be any truer an reflects my feelings exactly (my emphasis):

Fidel Castro, Still Crazy After All These Years. Fidel Castro, Cuba's "Dictator For Life," is looking to earn the title of "Funniest Man Ever To Kill And Imprison Hundreds Of Thousands Of His Own People." When asked about his Cuban prisoners/ballplayers participation in the WBC, "Funny Fidel" said everything would be fine as long as America didn't start acting crazy. He said, "They (Americans) have taken away a lot of (our) best pitchers, offering them millions of dollars." What nerve of those Americans! I'm sure El Duque and Jose Contreras and their families would be much better off harvesting sugar cane in Cuba for 25 cents a day than they are making millions of dollars in America. Plus they don't have Cuba's fine medical system to give them piece of mind.