Tuesday, February 07, 2006

And the Flags are Up!

Remembering those that have died as the result of violent acts against Cuba since its 1959 revolution and ignoring all those who have died fighting for basic rights or fleeing the dictatorship, Cuba last night held a ceremony in which 138 Black Flags with a single white star went up. A group holding pictures of the dead, were to hold a 24 hour vigil. The "monument" was built to block the ticker at the SINA building which consistently displays basic human rights and democracy messages.

The Bearded Stooge message was more of the same, although this time in a shortened version.

"The hour-long ceremony appeared aimed at underscoring Cuba's claims that Washington has organized, financed -- or at the very least tolerated -- many attacks against the island over the decades. The flags also block the view of an electronic sign set up at the U.S. mission that has angered communist officials by displaying streaming news and human rights messages"
From the BBC and Commies News Network. In the meantime, the US has said the ticker will continue, it will not be silenced.