Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Urgent - Please Help!!!!!!!!

Fellow Bloggers, I just got an email that during the celebrations of my university's Black History Month, the following event will take place:

What and Who: Documentary Film Screening "Mission Against Terror"(2004,48 minutes), followed by a discussion led by Bernie Dwyer of Ireland, a co-producer of the film, and Rev. Geoffrey Bottoms, a parish priest from the United Kingdom who works with the Cuban Solidarity Campaign.

Co-produced by Dwyer and Cuban TV producer Roberto Ruiz, the documentary follows the case of the Cuban Five, five Cuban citizens seeking to infiltrate ultra-right wing organizations based in South Florida and regarded by Cuba as anti-government terrorists. Arrested on September 12, 1998 by the FBI, the Cuban Five were sentenced in Miami Federal Court in December, 2001 to a total of four life terms and 75 years. Regarded by many as political prisoners, their appeal is pending in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. The documentary places this incident in the context of the last half-century since the Cuban Revolution, the U.S.-led embargo, and other acts of interventionism. Providing an intimate glimpse into the turmoil of the families left behind, and the tide of sympathy from the people of Cuba, the film features interviews with President of the Cuban National Assembly Ricardo Alarcon, former CIA agent Philip Agee, Miami Cuban activist Andres Gomez, attorney Leonard Weinglass, and family members. Sponsored by the Community Coalition for Peace, the Free the Cuban Five Committee, and the Center for Urban Studies and Research.

Unfortunately for me I cannot attend this event, but my immediate question is what the fuck do these Five spies have to do with Black History Month? What about Dr. Biscet???

I will be gathering, and finding out who these people are and emails to address the above and many other questions. Please let me know which of you would like to participate in this campaign, so I can send you the emails.

My blood is boling right now.