Friday, February 17, 2006

Hunger Strike for Internet Freedom Continues

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18 days and counting on Guillermo Fariñas hunger strike. His request? Access to the Internet so he, and his fellow independent journalists, can do their job - report the news. His crime? Being an independent journalist in a totalitarian regime in which the ONLY media is the government sponsored, written, produced and printed media. You can read the whole story here.
Just today he was saying that in order to quit a hunger strike one had to be extremely brave, that he was not that brave. Oh but Guillermo, you are brave! That he (Guillermo) was not going to depose his hunger strike because doing so, would be killing his brothers, who are being beaten and arrested with such impunity on the part of the government.
It still baffles me how this story is grossly ignore by the MSM, when this is as much censorship as that going on in China, if not more. If the media reported this story, if the public was made aware of his plight, international pressure could save this brave man's life. Instead, no one seems to care much, and he could very well be another victim of the Bearded Stooge totalitarian regime.

Thanks to Pajamas Media for picking up this story and giving it the coverage it so deserves.

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