Thursday, February 23, 2006

February 24, 1996 - 10 Years Later

UPDATE: The Kansas City Star picked up the Miami Herald story.

I was thinking what to do to remember such a tragic day, in a way that would honor the three US Citizens and the one US Resident that were murdered by the Cuban government ten years ago while flying over international waters. Not only did the Cuban government down two civilian planes, which they knew very well were Brother to the Rescue civilian planes, killing four innocent men, but they did so in international airspace over international waters.

Four lives were lost that day 10 years ago, four lives that were assassinated and a crime that has go unpunished - the Clinton government was too busy on other "affairs" (pun intended) to care about three US Citizens and one US Resident murdered by an enemy state.

After listening to the recording of the hijos de puta that downed the planes, after listening to them celebrate I realized the best thing I could do to honor these men, the only thing I could do, was to never forget and make sure others never forget either. It's hard to write my feelings of this event, but Robert at 26th Parallel did so much better than I ever could. His feelings echo mine.

If you can't bring yourself to listen to the recording there is also this visual as a radar image from the new documentary on the Shootdown.

You can get more information on this incident here, here and here.
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