Wednesday, March 01, 2006

This makes me sick

Pastors for Piss, no wait, Pricks for Peace, no wait again, Pricks for Piss?

Well the PP's are at it again! Now their leader the Reverend has taken a group of 9 Americans to study medicine in Cuba. The excuse is that these are low income Americans that have no access to go to school in their own country.


My best friend was a "low income" American citizen who didn't have a need to go to Cuba to study medicine. Do they teach classes in English in Cuba? Because if you know Spanish, and you are a well qualified candidate, you can go to the University of Puerto Rico and study there. It's a lot cheaper than schools in the mainland, and it is approved by the AMA Board.

There are also loans, another friend of mine put himself through med school with loans.

Or maybe it is, that these students weren't good enough to get into a med school? Maybe they are admirers of Castro? Maybe they are commies and don't want to admit it?

Tell me, why on earth would you go study medicine at another country, in a school which is not approved by the AMA Board of your country?

I've also had friends who studied in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, which are cheaper schools as well, because they couldn't get into an American school. So which is it?

If you can stand it, it's from a propaganda paper, read the sickening note here.

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