Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Freed Dissident Still Persecuted

Oscar Espinosa chepe, the Economist and Independent Journalist that openly criticized Noble Prize Winner Esquivel for his hypocrisy towards Cuba, is still being persecuted after having been freed almost two years ago. This brave 65-year old man is also of ill health, and the totalitarian regime of the Bearded Stooge is using this to its advantage of psychological and mental torture.

Via EFE News comes this article in which Oscar himself denounces his persecution:

Espinosa told EFE that on Tuesday he was summoned before a Havana municipal court where judicial authorities informed him that "if I recovered my health, I could go back to prison." In addition, he said, "a ... committee has been formed at the neighborhood level comprised of political elements like the (Communist) Party, the Revolutionary Defense Committees and the Association of Combatants to monitor my social activities." He also said that the opinions of the government-linked organs about his behavior could determine whether or not he retains his freedom.

Espinosa said further that the court told him that it would appoint a family doctor to supervise his health

Monitoring his health to see if it improves to send him back to prison? Oh yea and let's not forget that it will be a "court appointed doctor" who will decide his "health improvement".

When will the persecution end? When will the world wake up to a country that by Law prohibits free press and enforces that law to its maximum penalty?

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