Monday, March 06, 2006

Cuba Sense from the Gulf

I found this article of the Khaleej Times, a newspaper in English distributed around the Gulf. It comes in light of the judge's decision that the Seven Mile Bridge is US Soil. It was refreshing to see, becase it raises some great questions/points to the Bearded Stooge and his cronies:

FIDEL Castro's argument is that he is taking full care of his people under his socialist system. If so, why are they leaving the country in droves, staking their lives- in choppy seas and ending up in what they call their dreamland?We keep saying the same thing! The rafts only go one way - out of Cuba.

Why do so many people want to quit Cuba and reach the shores of the US? Castro is implementing his socialist policies with great vigour for several decades, and never loses an opportunity to snipe at capitalism and the US in particular. What explanation does he have for the mass exoduses from Cuba, year after year? None, they are traitors in his eyes.

By contrast, what is the rights scenario in Castro's Cuba? It will not do if Castro and his men make a lot of noise over the drafting of a new human rights council for the UN, as is happening now, or accuse Washington of indulging in manipulations. What Castro must do is to set his own record straight, and allow political dissent and freedom for his people to air their views openly. To find others asking for the same thing we do, is not only refreshing, but it makes what we do so much more important. It clearly tells us that informing people is key in this fight.

Castro needs is simply to change with the times. He is barking up the wrong tree for a long time. The decades of his experimentations with the socialist policies have left Cubans high and dry. They are in real hardship. He has not allowed industries to flourish, with the result that joblessness is a major problem. I disagree here. The Bearded Stooge and his cronies need to leave. Period.

More freedom and rapid economic development are the calling of the times. That will also help stem the tide of Cubans seeking better pastures abroad. Freedom will lead to economic growth. What Cubans need is FREEDOM.

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