Sunday, March 05, 2006

Liberal Academic Bias now in High School

There exists a liberal bias in many academic fields such as psychology, political science, etc. This subject has garnered national attention mainly due to the actions of David Horowitz and his Academic Bill of Rights, which of course is opposed to by the same academics with the liberal bias. This liberal bias is referred to as indoctrination of our young college students.

That this bias exists is a reality; all this nonsense about it being diversity of opinion is just that nonsense. As a graduate student I've taken classes in psychology and it is more a "I'm right you are wrong; my views are appropriate yours are intolerant" attitude than encouraging diversity and debate. One of my professors hit the nail on the head when he said that Psychology Faculty encouraged diversity, as long as it was diversity on the left. As a graduate student this was very uncomfortable, so I can only imagine how it can feel for a young impressionable college student, who is still forming his identity and his personality.

Well, things are getting worse. It now seems that liberal indoctrination is making its way into our classrooms. Such is the case of a teacher in a Colorado High School who in a Geography class sparked debate by telling the students that the United States was the most violent nation on Earth and comparing, Bush to Hitler. One of the students recorded the class and took it to school authorities who in turn suspended (with pay) the teacher. Now the teacher is suing on grounds of First Ammendment Rights.

Excuse me? When did Geography became a political class? When did the role of the teacher changed from teaching to inspiring debate? These are young kids, these are our future. You cannot be teaching this kids hate and disrespect for the government. One thing is Freedom of Speech, another one is liscentiousness. I keep saying this over and over.

I'm all for Freedom of Speech, even though today it more and more means personal verbal attacks, direspectful comments and an entire lack of regard for anything. But a high school class, even less Geography class, is not the place to spark political debates among children who have yet to form their opinions, their identities and their personalities. High school education should be completely unbiased.

Read the story via ABC News here. Feel free to comment, in particular, do you think this should be allowed in High School? Is this part of your concept of a high shool education?

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