Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hunger Strike for Internet Freedom - Update on Guillermo Fariñas

Remember the Cuban independent journalist that went on a Hunger Strike for Internet Freedom? Well that was on January 31, 2006. That's 33 days ago. As of mid February, he was in ICU being administered medicine through a drip. Please sign this petition to save his life.

Via The Miami Herald, his condition remains unchanged, except now he is being fed through an IV.

What has the Cuba government done? Nothing, nada, zip. Completely ignored the requests of this journalist to have again access to the Internet. You see, Guillermo Fariñas, head of Cubanacán Press in Cuba - an independent news agency- lost his access to the internet and to sending email after a phone interview with the Miami Hearald on a wave of attacks on dissidents that made the front page of the news paper.

You see, for the Bearded Stogge, freedom is a crime. So much so that by law Freedom of the Press is prohibited in Cuba, and explicitly punishable by law.

Guillermo Fariñas has not only gone unnoticed by the Bearded Stooge - who hasn't even acknowledged him, his plight or his letter to the dictator- but he has also been abandoned by the world media. Very few outlets, and I emphasize very few have carried this story. It has been up to the Cuba Independent Press, The New York Sun, The Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald, Reporters without Borders and us bloggers to make sure his plight, his effort to exercise his civil rights is granted.

I just posted The Miami Herald on his update at Babalu and you can also read it here.

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