Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Price of Cuba's Free Healthcare

Via RadioJamaica, this is the "great" free healthcare offered in Cuba, and the price of all those "free" operations given out by the Bearded Stooge to everyone who wants or needs them.

Elderly St. Lucian woman dies in Cuba
Health officials in St Lucia have confirmed that an 82-year-old woman has become the second person from that country to die in Cuba while seeking medical treatment in that country under an eye care project.
Eunice George died Sunday, one week after arriving in Cuba for surgery.

She is the second to have died from the recent group of St. Lucians sent to Havana for medical attention under the Cuban government programme which began in August 2005.

According to family members Mrs. George, who had no known medical complication when she left for Cuba, was due to have surgery to her eyes on March 17 and had been receiving medication ahead of the operation.

However she collapsed suddenly on Sunday and was diagnosed as having died from heart failure.

Late last month, 62-year-old Henrietta James of Vieux Fort died in Havana prior to receiving surgery.

A government statement stated that Ms. James was scheduled to receive surgery in both eyes, when she took ill and died from chronic anaemic syndrome and vein thrombosis.

Over 10,000 St. Lucians have benefited from the Cuban Eye Care Programme during the first five months of the project.

This is not the first case. A month ago, similar news came from Venezuela where about five people had died after having such operations in Cuba. And we must ask ourselves, why is the MSM not covering this?

UPDATE: Mora at Babalu has a take on this too.

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