Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I want Latin America!!!!!!

Not content with Telesur, a regional newscast based in Venezuela and transmitting to countries in South America, Stooge Chavez now has new visions of grandeur - a regional radio station.

I think Peru's president, Alejandro Toledo, said it best when he said "Chavez is president of Venezuela, not Latin America." Well it seems someone forgot to tell Stooge Chavez that.

The danger that no one has looked at within Stooge Chavez, is his "integration" dream. Stooge Chavez is building up his armed forces with not as much as a peep from anyone, except of course the US. He's been buying rifles, choppers, planes, bombers and is now training the civilians as volunteer militial all under the pretext of the US invasion.

However, the truth lies elsewhere in his "integration dreams". Stooge Chavez, as the Bearded Stooge, dreams of exporting his Bolivarian Revolution Model to all of Latin America - whether they want it or not. His first attack was Telesur, a way to deliver biased news to an entire region financed by Argentina, Venezuela and Cuba. Now he comes up with the radio station affair, another regional media probably financed by the same three. Another way to deliver biased communications and keep exporting his propaganda to people who don't know better.

Shouldn't his focus be on helping the poor? Housing the homeless? Feeding the hungry? Educating the illiterate? Bringing health care to those who cannot afford it?

Why then is he investing his time and money on developing regional telecommunications? Stooge Chavez does not care about Venezuela, he only cares about being president of Latin America.

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