Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Bahamas and Cubans

The Bahamian government is assessing the damage that can result from a recent call to boycott the Bahamas by the Miami Cuban exile community in response to mistreatment of Cuban rafters, a Miami reporter and the holding of two Cuban dentists for more than 10 months without a reason. Minister of Tourism Obie Wilchcombe said on Monday:

"The Bahamas has always stood with the fight for civil liberties," he said. "We have always been with the internationally recognized conventions. So The Bahamas does not have a negative record that shows our discord toward the civil society development and that of the human being and the respect for persons who come from other places in the world or those who find their way in our country under whatever circumstances.

"We have always – more than most countries – reached out to help and so we have that in our favour."
Prove it. Let the Cuban dentists go where they were supposed to have been allowed to go over a year ago - United States. They had American entry visas but the Bearded Stooge did not give them the exit visa. Who's violating the migration accord now?

Read the whole article from The Bahama Journal here. Don't hold your breath, it does a lot of tapdancing, without saying anything concrete.

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