Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hugo Chave threatens Bloggers

Well, well, seems today is the day for news from the Imperialist-wannabe-Dictator-Castro-imitator Stooge Chavez, and now he really outdid himself.

In what can only be considered the act of an egomaniac, who thinks he can control free speech around the world, and now control the voices of Anti-Chavistas bloggers, the Stooge has taken out a 2 page ad in the Venezuelan newspaper Ultimas Noticias accusing Alek from Vcrisis and other bloggers of belonging to a group called "The Anglo Venezuelan Connection". This attempt to curtail the truth about his government from coming out would be funny if it wasn't scary.

From The Devil's Excrement, Vcrisis, Publius Pundit and Publius Pundit again. Vcrisis has the actual ad so you can read that as well.

I join my fellow bloggers in spreading the truth about this mad man, who dreams of controlling all the information in his fight to not let the truth come out. We should all denounce this behavior, and show Stooge Chavez for who he is - DICTATOR.

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