Saturday, March 11, 2006

NAOR, Chavez and Polls - Oh My!

As mentioned in this post Stooge Chavez and his favorite poll company had come out swinging attacking Alek Boyd of VCrisis, denouncing that there existed a group called The Anglo Venezuelan Connection and that he was going to basically take some legal action against bloggers - all reported by VCrisis here.

In an update to the story about the authenticity of this North American Opinion Research, which always favors Stooge Chavez, and the accusations of manipulating public opinion, El Nuevo Herald has this piece today.

According to the reporters, they conducted their own investigation and found NAOR to be a ghost corporation that does not reside at its legal address, nor has resided there for more than a year. They did find however, that both NAOR and Petrotulsa, a company highly favored by the government and PDVSA in its contract bids, share "space" and have the same secretary.

Alek has various updates to his post here. I urge all of you to read Alek's page daily for great coverage and insight into Stooge Chavez's operations, comings and goings.

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