Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Cuban Mood - Abajo Fidel!

There has been a lot of brouhaha in the past week, with all the anti-Castro protests at Hiram Bithorn Stadium during the baseball games of the WBC. Of course, none more talked about, than the ingenious gentleman who knowing full well the game was being televised LIVE into Cuba, sat behind home plate with a homemade sign that read Abajo Fidel.

We know Cubans in Cuba saw the sign, otherwise there was no need for the Friday night show of protest by the flags; you know, the same flags that were built to block the US Ticker while the houses in Cuba fall in disarray. But we hadn't heard anything from anyone regarding the sign. Wait no more.

Via CubaNet.org, we learn that, Abajo Fidel! has become an internal war cry of sorts; a sign coming around at the same time that the Cuban government was cracking down on antennas and satellites to block Cubans from the US signal. Ah the irony of it all!

Read the story in Spanish here. If you know Spanish, the story is a must read.

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