Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cuba Migration Policy Violations - Update

Yesterday I posted about the 533 Cubans who are imprisoned in Cuba because they have been granted an immigration visa by the US but Cuba will not grant them the exit permit.

Marti Noticias, has this audio interview (this is a must hear) with Iosvani Aguilar Camejo, who faced an acto de repudio or repudiation act - a government mob that attacks and harassess you at your home - because he, like the 533 above, complained to the government about his status. Iosvani has had a US visa for about a year and a half - 18 months - yet Cuba still denies him the exit permit telling him that he has to wait. Wait for what, for the Visa to expire so he then is forced to become a rafter and perhaps die in the straits, giving the Bearded Stooge yet another statistic? He frankly states, that the abuses he has had to withstand are hard to take and he is not sure how much more he can take of this actos de repudio.

Iosvani wants out of Cuba legally, he has been granted the legal way to exit by the US yet Cuba denies him the right to leave, refusing to honor the migration accord.

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