Thursday, March 16, 2006

Racial Equality in Cuba? Ha!

Bbbut, all are equal! Bbbut blacks have the same rights! Bbbbut there is no racism!

Those my friends are the arguments of many defenders of the Bearded Stooge regime in Cuba, along of course with the free healthcare and free education.

Well, if revolutionaries are so damn just, so centered on equality, so void of racism and prejudice can someone explain this comment from the Miami leader of the Revolutionary group, Antonio Maceo Brigade? This is his criticism of the Independent Libraries group and their leader, Ramón Colas, who happens to be black (my emphasis):

"This organization, whose only visible member includes a little Negro who travels a lot, whose style and mannerisms remind me of maids in Cuba before 1959, always dressed in their white uniforms -- seems to ignore, just like his masters, that in Cuba, for example, during the last 15 years, they celebrate annually a national book fair."
No racism there! Yeah right! si mi abuelita tuviera ruedas seria bicicleta.....

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