Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Anti-Semitism among French Muslims

Remember Ilan? The young Jewish man tortured and killed in Paris by a gang of Muslims? Well apparently, according to this story in the Boston Globe, Ilan might've been the first, but he most certainly will not be the last. Just to give you an idea of the hatred of these people towards Jews, here is their reasoning for killing them:
''It's too bad this happened, because we immigrants are always blamed," said Ibrahim Ag Ahmalou, a lanky man of West African heritage who shares his girlfriend's apartment in the project. ''But Jews have all the money and power. Everyone knows this and resents them. That's why they have these problems."
Excuse me? I'd like to introduce this idiot to the many Jews I know who have no money and no power. Last time I checked, a whole bunch of Muslims have all the money and all the power - ie. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Emirates. And I don't know who everyone is, certainly not me.