Friday, March 17, 2006

Thank You Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune today has an article covering the increase of attacks on Cuban dissidents in Cuba. The article is a must read for me, as so few come out in the MSM and even less in English. Well balanced, with interviews with various dissidents, it contends the acts are increasing so the Bearded Stooge can maintain the revolución eve after his death. I definitely recommend all of you to read it.

It also mentions the hunger strikes of two dissidents, including Guillermo Fariñas who is in grave danger.

Hardly noticed is Santa Clara dissident Guillermo Farinas, a hunger striker who is in the hospital where he is being fed intravenously. He is demanding Cuba lift strict controls on Internet access for island residents.

"Spiritually, I feel stronger than the government," Farinas, 43, said from his hospital bed two weeks ago. "We have to avoid a civil war. The way to fight the government is peacefully."

Farinas' health has deteriorated in recent days, with opposition activists saying he is now in grave danger.
For these three small paragraphs I thank the Chicago Tribune and Gary Marx. Please read the article, and sign the Guillermo Fariñas petition.

I challenge and urge all of you not to be an accomplice to his death, sign the petition and speak out!