Friday, March 17, 2006

Shameful and Shameless

Just when you think the Cuban government cannot steep any lower alás! they do.

I just received a communiqué from Dr. Darsi Ferrer, Monday night, Cuban authorities broke into their home while they where away, and stole the majority of their possessions. Not being able to steal their old Frigidaire, the Cuban authorities broke it instead.

Aside from personal possessions, the officials also stole medications and medical equipment that Dr. Ferrer uses as he tenders his services to the poor in Cuba. They also stole their appliances and some of their clothing. This is about the eighth time that Cuban officials break into Dr. Ferrer's home as a way to intimidate him. He was once even threatened with a knife.

As you all know, Dr. Ferrer and his wife, take care of the poor in Cuba tendering to them medically and with clothes. They also take care of those infected with the HIV virus. The people they look after live in subhuman conditions. If you want to learn more about their work, visit The Real Cuba and scroll to the bottom of the page.