Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Barely Alive

Guillermo Fariñas has become my hero, my friend, my brother. I don't know this man, have never met or spoken to him, but I feel he is part of my family; of my close circle of friends.

"Coco" as he is affectionately called by his family and friends, is now in his 50th day of his hunger strike. Fifty-days without solid food or water. A hunger strike that he undertook to demand from the Bearded Stooge his right to freely access the internet so he can continue his work as independent journalist and director of Cubanacán Press (Independent Cuban Press).

Little disseminated fact is that "Coco" was coming of a previous hunger strike that had left him temporarily paraplegic. He was also 19 days into recuperation from Hernia Surgery. Yet this man, decided to again fight this evil regime. David against Goliath. Will David win again this time?

Cuba Net reports that "Coco's" health is rapidly deteriorating. Just last weekend his fever was up 39 degrees Celsius, 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit. He was also diagnosed with Urinary Tract Infection, loss of feeling on his extremities (but he still has some muscle control), and cephalalgia, along with suffering convulsions and loss of consciousness.

As you can see, "Coco's" health is of serious concern yet no one seems to be giving this story any importance. I thank Pajamas Media, all the Cuban Bloggers, Reuters, CNN and some newspapers for carrying this story. But even with such news powerhouses as Reuters and CNN ask anyone in the street about "Coco" and his cause, and with a blank stare in their face they will answer "Coco who?".

Sad Very Sad.

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