Saturday, March 18, 2006

Black Spring - 3 Year Anniversary

UPDATE: Yahoo has The Ladies in White

It was a day like today, three years ago that 75 independent journalists and dissidents in Cuba were swept up, given the typical summary trial and imprisoned - deprived of their freedom, their rights, their families, their health, and in some cases even their lives. Some of them have been "paroled" and continue to be harrassed and attacked by the government. Others are still in prison. The international community has failed once again.

Even though today it is a beautiful sunny-not-a-cloud-in-the-sky day, in our hearts today is a Black Anniversary day indeed. Uncommon Sense has more.

I scoured some of the media and found this and this. As usual, (surprise surprise) there was not much to be found. I recommend reading both articles since they are not too long.