Monday, March 20, 2006

On Bush, Moonbats and the Hate-America bandwagon

I love this country, my country, the United States of America. My parents came here fleeing a totalitarian regime and seeking freedom. FREEDOM - what this great nation of ours stand for. All through my life - while being innoculated against communism, the Bearded Stooge and their kind - my parents taught me how to love the USA, and what it stands for; how to always be grateful that they were given the opportunity to be FREE, and to always be proud to be an American. They also showed me something that seems to be lacking these days LOVE OF COUNTRY.

I just came from reading this post which also includes pictures (and the captions are worth the nausea and revolt the pictures will incite). Watching Americans support and defend our enemies, antagonize and demoralize our troops? I thought Vietnam was lesson learned...I guess I was wrong.

I have to say I am speechless. But then again Marathon Pundit today brings us this equally barfing news - The Sheehan Movie starring Moonbat extraordinaire Susan Sarandon (doesn't she get blown up in Team America???). It's a sad day.

It used to be that protesting, within the given right of all Americans, was about debate, about arguing, about opposing a position with a debatable point; where people like Hanoi Jane were seen as anti-American by the majority, and in turn were protested against.

Today it seems, protesting is about insults and being anti-American; protesting to day has turned American bashing into a fashionable attitude, a profitable enterprise, into something cool. I won't even touch how low Bush bashing has gone, but this picture should give you an idea (hint, look for the title of The Future Cesar Chavez).

Of course, we cannot leave out - even though he is not American - the ranting and raving Stooge Chavez, who manages to disrespect every and any leader who contradicts his policy. This weekend it was again the turn of President Bush who got called "murderer, genocidal, drunkard, coward, and dumb". He has to keep Venezuelans entertained lest they realize his giving away all their resources while the country spirals down and crumbles like the bridge to La Guaira did over the weekend.

What ever happened to diplomacy? How can the international community support such a behavior, which denotes NO CLASS, NO EDUCATION and NO RESPECT. And he wants ours?

But then again, even people in the USA don't respect the president, as the picture post above denotes, and the pictures at Zombietime will show. Which brings me back to my parents. No matter how much you dislike the president, no matter what you think of him, he is the President of this nation and we must show him respect, so other nations will respect us as well. After all, we can elect a president every 4 years, and no matter how bad a president is, he won't be in power for more than 8.

Wake up America! Wake up Americans! Stand up and defend our great nation!

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