Friday, January 30, 2009

On The Money

Great article today by the AP on this so called Stimulus bill that is not really a stimulus bill.

Like Mike says,
Some of the things in this bill are good. BUT THEY ARE NOT STIMULUS ITEMS THAT WILL CREATE JOBS. Those wish items are best left for another day and another vote.
I completely agree. And apparently at least one Democrat also thinks some of this spending should not be on a bill designed to stimulate the economy and create jobs:
But some Democrats, like Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska, think the $3.5 billion in the stimulus package devoted to health research, or the $14 billion-$15 billion for boosting Pell Grant college scholarships by $400 to $500 would be better spent on additional brick and mortar infrastructure projects.

"You don't want to be against Pell Grants," Nelson said. "But the question is, how many people go to work on Pell Grants? Should it be in this legislation if it's about jobs?"
The article does a nice job of outlining all the extras that well, IMHO, should not be there. This is not a Stimulus bill; it sound more like a State Bailout Bill