Friday, January 23, 2009

On the Wrong Foot

I give every incoming president the benefit of the doubt, but I gotta admit that Obama rubbed me the wrong way earlier than any other president that I can remember.

Let's see, we are in a hell of a recession, with a trillion dollar deficit, about to add another trillion to that deficit in an effort to "stimulate" the economy (personally, I think we need more immediate help that DOES not require increasing our debt), and what does the President elect to do in his third day in office?

Send money to other countries to fund abortion programs. Excuse me? I have enough problems as it is with the fact that federal funds, ie. taxes I pay, go to ending pregnancies and killing babies (something I vehemently and fiercely oppose), to now have to deal with the fact that my good American money WHICH SHOULD BE STAYING HERE, the one there isn't enough to go around is going to OTHER COUNTRIES to FUND ABORTIONS.

Hello????? Anyone home? What happened to austerity? I thought Democrats were the DOMESTIC policy kings. Nice going Mr. President.

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