Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Highly Disappointed

My husband and I are very disappointed with Chile's current president Michelle Bachelet's decision of not meeting with Cuban dissidents on her upcoming Cuba visit. Even though my husband is fiercely anti-Pinochet and in his country he does not identify with the right wing, here he is a Republican. Go figure. In any case he understands that a dictatorship is a dictatorship no matter from which "wing" they govern.

He was more disappointed because he thought Bachelet would empathize given her own background of suffering at the hands of dictators.

Oswaldo Paya said it best:
"Es como decir que esta dictadura es buena y la de Chile (1973-1990) fue mala. Las dictaduras son todas dictaduras y en todas hay crímenes, hay sufrimientos del pueblo, hay desprecio por los derechos humanos" which losely translated means "It is like saying that this dictatorship (the one in Cuba) is good and the one in Chile (1973-1990) was bad. All dictatorships are dictatorships and in all of them there are crimes, suffering of the people, and disregard of human rights"
Right on Oswaldo; couldn't have said it better myself.