Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm Still Here!!!!!

So sorry for the abandonment of the's been tough academic times over here. And that usually means my blogging suffers. But alas, semester is done so I will be posting more regularly again.

In the meantime I need help on something. As you all know, I. Have. A. Job. Isn't that great? And it will be taking us to upstate New York. Yes folks, we will be living in New York, but will not be "niuyorkinos".

However, I want to start (again) a family blog - happenings, recipes, things, you know the drill - and see if it finally catches on with the rest of my family. But....I. Need. A. Name.

I like Marta's title, My Big Fat Cuban Family..... yet we are not fat, my family is beyond not big and not all of us are Cuban.

I'm Cuban (well I was born in Puerto Rico of Cuban parents - although Papi was from Spain - , and raised in an enclave but that's really beyond the point), he's from Chile. I'm Catholic, he's Jewish. We are both conservatives. We both love to cook. We feel New Englanders now. My family has married Cambodians, American, Italian and Jewish. His family is all Chilean, with some Scottish heritage.

Somehow, My Skinny Small International Family just does not have a ring to it.

Can you help? Post your suggestions in the comments!